Improved, Tax Free Health and Dental Benefits while having them Declared Tax Deductible to your Business

Cost Plus Tax Free Health and Dental Benefits for Companies

Discover A New and Innovative Way To Provide:

  • You as a Business Owner
  • or Your Family
  • or Key Employees

If you are unincorporated and make more than 50% of your income from self-employment, you may still use Cost Plus up to $1500.00 for you and your spouse, and up to $750.00 per child. Please contact us for details (or have your accountant contact us directly).

Maintaining you and your family’s Health and Welfare can be expensive. Children may need braces, prescription drugs can be costly, and the need of other medical services may arise (ie. chiropractors, massage therapists, glasses/contacts and eye exams).

By establishing a Private Health Services plan with Clews Benefits Management you can provide tax free Health and Dental benefits to you, your family, or key employees while at the same time making these expenses tax deductible to your company.

How We Can Help YOU

We offer Cost Plus to group benefit clients, individual business owners and partnership/sole-proprietors.

Here is what we offer:

  • One time set up fee
  • We process all Health and Dental claims making them tax free to you and tax deductible to your company
  • Verify that the claims are eligible under Revenue Canada guidelines. If there is some concern, we contact you first
  • Provide all necessary documents and receipts for tax purposes. The entire benefit amount (including the administration free and the GST) is tax deductible as a legitimate business expense
  • Claims received and process in Red Deer normally the same day
  • We can reimburse you or your service provider (ie. dentist, optometrist, etc.).

To show you savings, let’s look at an example: A dentist charges you $1000 for some dental work.


Use after tax dollars

  • If you paid in after-tax dollars and your personal tax rate was 39%, you would have to have earned $1639.00 (ie. $1639.00 – 39% is $1000.00)

Use Cost Plus

  • Your company pays an administration charge (10% plus GST on the administration charge or $107.00) an the cost of the dentist’s bill. We reimburse you personally the cost oft he dental bill (tax-free to you), and you company claims the full cost as a deduction.

The Savings

  • Assuming a corporate tax rate of 20%, the cost to your company is only 885.60.Your company writes off the dentist’s bill plus the administration charge and GST and you receive a tax free benefit!

What expenses are eligible?

Eligible expenses you could use Cost Plus for include:

  • Paramedical treatments, including:
    • Physiotherapy
    • Massage
    • Psychology or Social Worker
    • Naturopath
    • Chiropractor
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Prescription Drugs (Fertility, anti-Obesity, Viagra, Smoking, etc…)
  • Virtually All Dental Treatments
  • Home/Vehicle modifications for medical conditions
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Co-insurance and deductible not covered under a traditional plan
  • Many more…

What do you have to do?

To take advantage of Cost Plus all you have to do is contact us at the number(s) below. We will provide all the necessary documents to get the plan started.

Then, all you have to do is remember to take advantage of the tax savings available through Cost Plus and our services. It is as easy as that!

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